The Tale of Despereaux Movie Trailers - Videos & Video Clips From The Tale of Despereaux Film

Watch the Tale of Despereaux trailer here to get a sneak preview of this fun, family movie opening in theaters Christmas 2008. Be sure to also read the Tale of Despereaux film synopsis, browse our Tale of Despereaux photos, and enjoy Tale of Despereaux downloads.

The Tale of Despereaux trailer opens with a lazy chef flipping a coin off a table & it rolling through a crack in the floor into a village under a castle. We meet baby Despereaux, a puny mouse with huge ears, but bright, happy eyes. Next we see Desperaux in classes when he's a bit older and we learn that he doesn't quite see things or react to things in the way a mouse is supposed to. As the Tale of Despereaux trailer continues, we learn that little Despereaux is determined to live his life fearlessly, unlike the other mice. You get a preview of the adventures he gets himself into as he ventures into the human world and introduces himself as a gentleman to Princess Pea. Parents and kids alike will laugh at Despereaux's highly unusual, yet educational interactions with the humans around him. And Despereaux will teach everyone that when someone tells you you're strange, you should simply say “Thank you!”

Learn how all the scenes previewed in the Tale of Despereaux trailer will play out when you take the entire family to see the Tale of Despereaux movie in theaters this Christmas.

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